About Us

Find out more below about our mission, our membership committee, our members, and our history

Our Mission

To further the recognition, professionalism, and excellence of content creators.

We further Professionalism by requiring our members align themselves with our Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct provides guidance on how our raise the level of confidence the public has in our profession.

We further the Recognition of our members and profession by our efforts to advertise and advocate for our members and the professional standard they hold themselves to.

We further the Excellence of our members by our commitment to training, learning, and personal development. We assist members to learn and develop themselves as professionals, while also seeking a commitment from members that they will seek their own personal development.

Our Membership Committee


Kris is an entrepreneur with a strong history of work in the finance industry. Using this, he specialises in creating financial YMYL content.



Clarissa has worked extensively in marketing and content creation in the medical field. Clarissa specialises in YMYL (medical) content



Chris has a blogging background, having contributed to blogs in sports, travel, software, and many other diverse niches.

Our Members

Our members draw from their expereince, interest, and drive for content creation; they harness this in their work to drive theprofessionalism that the WCCA reresents.

All our members agree to uphold the WCCA Code of Conduct. Our Code of Conduct provides guidance on how our members demonstrate their professionalism, and raise the level of confidence the public has in our profession.

Our History

The WCCA was born out of a group of content creators and employers looking for a way to advertise and verify the quality of their work with accountability; to make it easier to hire and be hired using freelancing websites in particular.