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Membership of the WCCA is your opportunity to demonstrate to peers, colleagues, employees, or employers that you commit to a professional standard for content creation.

Membership of the WCCA is a mark of the quality of a content creator.

For individuals, Membership of the WCCA is the opportunity to raise your profile and demonstrate the quality and professionalism of your work.

For companies and employers, the WCCA provides confidence that you are hiring individuals with proven experience delivering quality work.

Our members are typically experienced with content creation and seek to demonstrate the quality of their work using their status as a Member of the WCCA as endoresement.

Membership of the WCCA can offer a method for individuals to certify themselves without necessarily gaining a qualification in content creation.

Membership Requirements

The only requirement to considered for Membership of the WCCA is a demonstration that you align with our Code of Conduct.

Alignment with our Code of Conduct is typically evidenced by experience creating content. A qualifiation, such as a degree or certificate, can be useful in lieu of some experience, though it is not required to become a Member of the WCCA.

There are no minimum amount of experience required however it may be difficult for an applicant to demonstrate alignment with our Code of Conduct if they have had less than 2 years experience (or 1 year if they hold a qualification) in content creation.

Decisions on membership applications are made by our Membership Committee, in accordance with the procedure below. No payment is required to submit an application, an annual membership fee becomes applicable only once the Membership Committee has approved the application.

Demonstrating how you meet our Code of Conduct

Members of the WCCA are expected to uphold the Code of Conduct. To become a member of the WCCA you will be required to demonstrate how you meet each of the principles of our Code of Conduct.

How to Apply for Membership

To apply for membership, follow these steps:

  1. Download and complete the Membership Application Form
  2. Follow instructions on form for submission
  3. If membership is approved, an invoice will be sent to the contact details you provided
  4. Upon payment of invoice you will be a member of the WCCA

Payment is not required until after your application is approved. Anyone joining the WCCA or renewing their membership in 2020 will be requested to pay a fee of $168.54 (United States Dollars) for one year of membership.

Membership Approval

All requests to become a member are subject to the approval of the Membership Committee.

Upon receipt of a new application, one committee member will review the application to determine whether or not the candidate meets the requirements of membership. In cases where it is not clear that the applicant meets or does not meet the requirements of membership, the committee member may seek a second opinion. The applicant is then notified of the decision.

An unsuccessful applicant may appeal the decision of the committee. A committee member who was not previously involved in the decision regarding the applicaiton in question will then review the appeal with the authority to overturn the decision if the reviewing committee member deems appropriate.

While it typically takes up to seven days for the committee to inform the applicant of the outcome of their application, there is no fixed timeframe and in rare occasions it may take up to twenty-one days.

If the applicant has any queries about their application, contact details are included on the membership form or on our website.